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  1. New Drop-Off and Collect Facility

    We’ve been doing some work on the offices and have reorganised ourselves. Next time you visit you will find reception has changed significantly.  Most importantly, there is a counter for you to drop stuff in and interact with us. We’ve knocked the place about a bit, changed the flooring, redecorated, and generally had a refresh….

  2. December’s General Election and Tax

    Following the General election on 12 December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has confirmed that Sajid Javid remains as Chancellor of the Exchequer and no other changes at HM Treasury have been announced. The Prime Minister has however, confirmed that a more significant cabinet reshuffle will take place after the UK leaves the EU on 31…

  3. Minimum Pension Scheme Contributions Rise

    The minimum contributions employers and their staff must pay into their automatic enrolment workplace pension scheme increased with effect from 6 April 2019. From that date, the employer minimum contribution has risen from 2% to 3%, while the staff contribution also increased from 3% to 5%. As part of the ‘phasing’ process, the increases mean…

  4. Can Employers Still Claim the Employment Allowance?

    In broad terms, the Employment Allowance (EA) is available to most employers and should enable them to reduce the amount of National Insurance Contributions (NICs) they have to pay by up to £3,000 per year. The eligibility rules changed from April 2016, and the Autumn Budget 2018 announced further changes expected to take effect from…

  5. New Capital Expenditure Rules from January 2019

    Businesses considering investing more than £200,000 in plant and machinery could benefit from a change to the capital allowances rules in January 2019, which should allow them to obtain tax relief at an earlier time.  Capital allowances are treated as a trading expense of a particular accounting period, so they can potentially increase a loss,…

  6. New Business Growth and Improvement Programme

    Do you feel you need help to give your business a jump start? Or perhaps you’ve been trading successfully for some time but now need direction about how to grow further?

  7. Real Time Information – We’re Not Ready!

    HM Revenue & Customs has had to postpone a major overhaul of payroll taxes because small businesses have complained that they’re not ready. Real Time Information or RTI was originally introduced for employers to provide information about tax and National Insurance each time they pay an employee, instead of annually – due in October this…

  8. Are You a Pressure Cooker?

    Are you about to explode because of the stress of running your business? More than two-thirds of entrepreneurs say running a business is more stressful today than it’s ever been.

  9. Lack of Mentoring Could Be Harming Business Growth

    We’ve discovered that a lack of mentoring in the UK is holding back five million small and mid-sized British businesses (SMEs) from achieving growth and contributing to the economy. These business are twice as likely to fail in five years’ time than those who follow the advice of an experienced advisor.

  10. Do You Have Enough People In Your Business?

    Do you have enough people to run your business effectively and profitably? Worried you cannot afford to hire more people? If so, how about an apprentice? Apprentices receive the appropriate minimum wage for their age while they train and can be a great advantage to small companies. The Apprenticeship Grant for Employers scheme (AGE) ensures…