Do you feel you need help to give your business a jump start? Or perhaps you’ve been trading successfully for some time but now need direction about how to grow further?

The Business Improvement and Growth (BIG) Programme from Vincent & Co is designed to give your business its own, bespoke plan of action for sustainable improvement and growth.

This gives you what your business needs, not general advice which never quite fits.

We work with:lady with till

  • Start-up companies;
  • Businesses which have reached a plateau and need to develop;
  • Owners and managers of companies who feel they are stuck in a rut and need guidance about future development.
  • Businesses being made ready for sale.

It’s not a one-off meeting; we provide continuing advice for as long as you feel you need it. Because it’s designed for you, you can come in and out of the BIG Programme as you need to, all the time knowing our confidential advice is based on real-life experience and hard-earned knowledge.

Is My Business Eligible for the BIG Programme?

Unlike mVincent&Co Working from homeany similar business improvement and growth schemes, we have no eligibility criteria.

The answer is ‘Yes’ if your business is showing sure signs of success and you have what it takes to work with us to move forward into the future.

We’re delighted to offer this Programme to any business, whatever the size, and to any owner or manager of the business.

How Does It Work?

First of all, we have a free initial consultation with you where we learn more about you and the business.

Then we begin to plan the help and advice you require and put together a timetable for growth. We will meet as often as necessary and we’re always available by email or telephone between face-to-face meetings.

In addition, we give you extra services if and when needed, such as help with your payroll, bookkeeping and VAT advice.

How Do I Become Part of the BIG Programme?

All you need to do is telephone Vincent & Co on 01803 500 500 to book your free initial consultation to learn more about the Programme.