We’ve been doing some work on the offices and have reorganised ourselves. Next time you visit you will find reception has changed significantly.  Most importantly, there is a counter for you to drop stuff in and interact with us. We’ve knocked the place about a bit, changed the flooring, redecorated, and generally had a refresh. I think the place was looking a tad tired.

New drop off and collect facility

We have installed a key code lock on the front door. This means that if you want to drop records to us, or collect them, you can do so without having to come into reception. It will be available 24 hours. So for those of you in need of dropping your accounts in at 3 in the morning, your wait is over J When you want to drop something in to us, phone or e-mail us and we’ll give you a number that you can use, you key the number, press the enter button and pull the door to gain access. This number will change every now and then. There are shelves on your right to leave, or collect records, and there is a green button to press to exit. (Please make sure the door shuts after you, it should close but doesn’t always at the moment!)

Note : You will be recorded, just for security reasons.

Vincent & Co TaxDome

Those of you that are a bit older, like me, will remember Frankie goes to Hollywood, and the Pleasure Dome. Well we are creating a TaxDome, which will be every much as pleasurable K !!!

You can have the app on your phone, or computer, and by connecting to the cloud, we will give you a safe and secure cloud space where you can deliver digital records to us. You will also be able to communicate with us via a messenger service. We will send you requests for information here, and make documents available that you may need in relation to the services that we provide.

We are currently finalising our work on this, we need to ensure the data is all present and correct before we launch. I am hoping to get our data uploaded in the next 10 days, and launching this service in about 4 or 5 weeks.

As soon as we are up and running I will let you know.