On 30th June the document we know fondly as the Annual Return is to be replaced by a new ‘Confirmation Statement’.

In the same way as we submit your Annual Return once a year, the Confirmation Statement will be the same. However, the main difference is that you can file an update as many times as you wish.

For many businesses this will involve simply clicking and confirming that the data held is the same as from the previous year. The date of the Statement can be the same as the Annual Return or a year from any additional filed statements.


Main Change

The main change is the addition of the Persons with Significant Control (PSC) information.

All companies must take reasonable steps to disclose on the public register all persons with significant control. The new rules for PSC were introduced in April and all businesses should now have a PSC Register.

From this month all new companies incorporated in the UK must include the information of ‘persons with significant control’ as part of the formation process and all Confirmation Statements must also disclose this.

Private companies can opt to keep their statutory registers at Companies House, which is a voluntary service.

For more information on the PSC Register please click PSC-INFO and to complete the form click PSC-RegisterForm.

Our Services

Vincent & Co will ensure you are compliant by checking and confirming your data on a Confirmation Statement.

We will also ensure all recent changes are reflected on the PSC Register.

If you are unclear or worried about this change call us for a free initial consultation soon.