We like to keep you up-to-date with news from HMRC so here is the latest information for you:
From 15th December this year you will no longer be able to pay your tax bill at a Post Office Branch. This is particularly bad timing as it coincides with the January self-assessment payment rush.

The contract with Santander which allowed this method of payment expires on that date and Santander and HMRC have not reached agreement on a new contract.
In addition, from 13th January 2018 you will not be able to pay by Credit Card either.
Therefore, the ways to pay your tax will be:

– Debit card
– Online banking
– Cheque by post
– Direct Debit.

This still leaves a few options, but we are aware that these changes are likely to come as shock to many taxpayers, and any reduction in ways to pay can only be bad news.

If you are concerned about this call us on 01803 500500 and we can set-up the best way for you to pay your tax.