The number of tax enquiries has dramatically increased over the last few years, resulting in more and more people having their tax scrutinised.

Any tax payer can be targeted by HMRC to check they are paying the right amount of tax and this can lead to lengthy and expensive enquires , sometimes lasting for years.

This could cost thousands of pounds to defend, whatever the outcome.

This is a horrifying prospect and we want to protect you from such a nightmare. At Vincent & Co we have a great product, FeeWise, which will do just this from between only £11 and £48 per month. The actual amount depends on how your tax affairs are set-up and the risk your industry is to tax investigations.

We give you peace of mind so you have no need to worry about the increasing possibility of tax scrutiny. Plus, you know that the fees of the enquiry have been taken care of so we can concentrate on your case without worrying about the cost.

One client, a candle manufacturer, commented:

I have undergone an investigation and Vincent & Co have taken care of everything for me.

The monthly cost of the insurance has saved me a great deal of money and given me peace of mind.

I would recommend taking the insurance as investigations seem to be increasing all the time.”

Call 01803 500500 and speak to use about FeeWise and how we can protect you.