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  1. New Marriage Allowance Tax Break

    From 6th April this year the new Marriage Allowance is a tax break available for more than 4 million married couples and 15,000 civil partnerships.

  2. Changes to Pensions – How Much Tax Will You Pay?

    From April this year it will be possible to take money purchase pensions benefits as virtually any mix of lump sum and income. The details are still being worked out but many people are not aware that there are tax implications to this.

  3. New Rules About Wills and Inheritance Tax

    There has recently been an announcement about new rules surrounding wills and inheritance tax (IHT). The rules make the legal situation more clear and precise, so it’s a good idea to ensure you have a will, chose your executors wisely, and let your close family members know you have a will.

  4. Self-Employed and Need a Mortgage?

    Obtaining a mortgage used to be reasonably straight forward but recent changes mean lenders want to see strong proof of income plus the ability to keep-up mortgage payments if interest rates rise.

  5. Will Inheritance Tax Make The Elderly Move Abroad?

    Could UK Inheritance Tax Make The Elderly Move Abroad? We recently informed you about changes to Inheritance Tax rules. We have now uncovered fears that elderly people could be driven overseas by a Government clampdown on the use of trusts to prevent their assets being swallowed up by inheritance tax.

  6. How To Double Your Inheritance Tax Relief

    If you leave your business to your spouse in your will to keep it in the family, this is IHT free, but there is a way to double this relief. If you own all or part of a business you can transfer this to anyone in your will while you are alive as long as…

  7. Are You A Tax Abuser?

    The tax General Anti-Abuse Rule, known as GAAR, is now law. There are rumours that this may be used to stop income shifting between spouses despite HMRC losing a case between husband and wife owners of a company ten years ago. You could attract the attention of HMRC if you pay your spouse a salary,…