You will have heard and read about recent news stories regarding contracts of employment, particularly the changes to dress code requirements.

It is vital that your contracts of employment are up to date or you could have problems – expensive problems.

The most publicity has been all around high heels and make-up, which may sound minor but it has highlighted this aspect of employment law and many companies have had to update their policies.

For example, within the dress code section of your employment policy you could state that employees whose work brings them into contact with clients, customers or members of the public, the policy now expressly provides that:

  • Women do not need to wear high heels – the requirement is for smart shoes in a discreet, dark, colour.
  • Women do not need to wear make-up or nail polish. However, if they do make-up should be subtle and nail polish should be in good condition.

When it comes to workplace dress codes the Equality Act 2010 is not yet fully effective in protecting workers from discrimination.

Your dress code is only one area of employment law which may need to be reviewed. Other sections may include holiday and sickness absence, social media policies, and maternity/paternity entitlements.

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