Thinking of changing your accountant?

It’s a very serious step to take and you can’t take it lightly, so we’ve devised Top Ten Considerations for you to explore before you change.

  1. How good is your relationship with your current accountant? It’s obviously not that great if you are thinking of changing. Do you know why or do you simply want a change?
  2. Does your current accountant keep up-to-date with the use of technology to send and receive information quickly and efficiently? Do you feel they are really on top of everything and will advise you of any changes by, for example, HMRC?
  3. How will you find a new accountant? Word of mouth is of course incredibly valuable so it’s worth asking your friends and colleagues. Visit a few and decide if you can this this person or company into your life.
  4. Some people and businesses prefer to deal with a local firm of accountants so they can have easy face-to-face meetings. If you have relatively simple accounting needs this may not be a consideration but even in these days of hi-tech information processing some of us still like to meet for a coffee!
  5. Accountants can specialise in various aspects, such as business start-ups, VAT, management accounts, bookkeeping, payroll services. Do you need a specialist or a competent company providing a comprehensive service?
  6. When you have met a few potential accountants do you feel you are their focus? Will they make you and your requirements top priority? May be a gut-feel thing, but it’s a major consideration.
  7. If you are a small business do you know your new accountant will be able to give you the robust advice and support you need as your company grows and your need change? This is essential as you don’t want to change accountants again in the near future.
  8. How about your family? Would you use the same accountant for your family as for your business? Could you speak about Inheritance Tax arrangements and Employer Annual Returns in the same meeting?
  9. Do you get on with your accountant? It’s essential to be on the same wavelength, and feel comfortable chatting to a personable professional.
  10. Finally, be cheeky and ask them for references! Ask to speak to two or three clients and find out what they really think.

We hope these tips will help you to make your decision. Most of all, you ned to be confident and comfortable in your choice. Then you can work on cementing the relationship and be happy to work together for a long time.