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  1. Salary or Bonus?

    As 31 December approaches, many companies will be getting ready to tie up tax matters for their financial year-end and giving consideration to salaries, bonuses and dividends. Given current tax rates, paying a dividend rather than a salary will often be a more cost-effective way of withdrawing profits from a company. However, if the company is…

  2. New Capital Expenditure Rules from January 2019

    Businesses considering investing more than £200,000 in plant and machinery could benefit from a change to the capital allowances rules in January 2019, which should allow them to obtain tax relief at an earlier time.  Capital allowances are treated as a trading expense of a particular accounting period, so they can potentially increase a loss,…

  3. Income Tax Relief on the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

    New businesses often struggle to find investors at the time when they really need funds. The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is designed to help small businesses raise equity finance through tax reliefs to investors who purchase shares in the company. It is very appealing to investors due to this generous tax relief.