In 2010 HM Revenue and Customs gained new powers regarding “information requests” and compliance visits in connection with your tax affairs.  As you know these investigations have increased exponentially in recent years.

The purpose is to monitor the quality of accounting records in support of future tax return.  Although we are aware that HMRC must raise revenue for the Treasury, in these difficult times their income has also dropped significantly.  So it is possible that HMRC could raise it in tax assessment or amend the treatment of returns already made.

As your accountant I want to fight them in these cases.  However there are cost considerations.  Defending you in these circumstances is an area in which I have considerable expertise but the costs can be extensive as enquiries or disputes can drag on for many months.  Even if no additional tax is found to be due, you will be faced with additional fees incurred.

To this end I implemented a scheme supported by Taxwise Limited whereby I have insured my practice to provide these services to you (if you participate) at an affordable fixed annual fee.

This service will provide you with up to £75,000 of fees for the following events:

  • Attendance at any meeting with or dealing with any correspondence from HMRC.
  • Income and Corporation Tax Self-Assessment Full and Aspect Enquiries.
  • VAT Dispute and Employer Compliance Disputes (PAYE/P11D/P9D/NIC/R35/CIS).
  • Automatic private individual cover for all directors or partners and their spouses for their personal tax returns (as soon as we complete their tax returns and they show no other self-employed income).

I really want you to take advantage of this service as it provides me with the means to fight your corner for you with the need to charge substantial fees.  These situations are stressful enough without our fees adding to your angst.

In order to be clear about the service provision, this does not cover:

  • Outstanding taxes, fines, penalties, interest or any amounts due to HMRC.
  • Pre-existing enquiries or disputes and tax returns submitted outside statutory time limits, i.e. late returns.
  • The defence of criminal prosecutions and investigations.
  • Routine compliance work, i.e, fees incurred in respect of the routine presentation of your tax affairs.

I have agreed that if you participate you will have access to a telephone helpline providing access to advice on health & Safety Legislation and Employment Law Advisory Service, which is becoming ever more problematic for the small business.

If you are interested in participating we have a Response Slip and Summary of Service for your convenience, which can be printed and returned to us with payment.  if you prefer for us to post out the forms my colleague Louise will assist you.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss the scheme.