All limited companies registered in England and Wales are required to maintain statutory records at the UK statutory body Companies House. The Registrar of Companies requires up to date information on each company including name, number and incorporation date, accounting period and filing dates, details of the officers, and a summary of the authorised and issued share capital, including shareholders.

This information, prescribed by company legislation, has to be lodged with Companies House annually as by filing an Annual Return. This ensures that every UK company complies with the law and that information about the company is available for public scrutiny.

In addition to the Annual Return itself, a set of Abbreviated Accounts also has to be lodged annually.

We are able to offer full company secretarial services to all our clients to ensure your company is compliant with Companies House regulations whether it be routine or a one-off transaction.

Our Services Include:

  • Maintenance of Statutory Registrars
  • Preparation of Board and Shareholder Resolutions
  • Submission of Documents to Companies House
  • Provision of Registered Office
  • Declaration and Distribution of Dividends
  • Share Scheme Administration
  • A free no obligation consultation

So contact us for your free consultation to make sure you are compliant.